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About Us


Kent and Twyla Holum - Owners/Operators

Kent has lived in Scobey his entire life, and wouldn't have it any other way.  Kent has worked full time for a local auto body shop for the past 22+years.  He also helps out area farmers during springs work and harvest.  Kent along with their son, Mason handle the majority of the maintenance at the lodge. 

Twyla moved to Scobey in 2000 and immediately began calling it home.  Twyla along with her daughter-in-law, Whitney, co-manage the lodge, clean and maintain the rooms, and do the day to day operations.  Twyla and Whitney are also co-owners of Jitters, a specialty coffee stand in Scobey.   

We all enjoy the simple life that a small town has to offer. Taking pride in every job we do, you can be assured the lodge is no exception. 


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